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Five Compelling Benefits Of Heat Pumps For Any Household

Living in the UK is no joke regarding the prolonged cold climate. 

Millions of households need to keep warm during these trying times, and many have turned to the innovation of heat pumps to do just this. Heat pumps differ from traditional gas boilers because their carbon emission is significantly lower while their function is just as efficient. 

But first, what exactly is a heat pump? 

A heat pump is essentially part of a system that provides heating and cooling and is placed outside the house. Similarly to an air conditioner, a heat pump, contrary to its name, can keep your home cool in warm weather and provide heat when it’s cold.

The three main types of heat pumps include: 

  1. Ground source pumps 
  2. Air source pumps
  3. Hybrid pumps

Air source pumps are the most common choice for households in the UK because the installation process is less complex than its alternatives, and they occupy less space. 

When the weather grows cold, the heat pump transfers thermal energy from the outdoors and brings it inside, utilising a refrigeration cycle. During warm months, it can reverse this function by pulling the heat indoors and transferring it outside. These pumps are powered by electricity and are great for households that don’t want to invest in two separate systems to cool and warm the home. 

Moreover, heat pumps do not consume fossil fuels ‒ ideal for those trying to cut back on their carbon impact. They are a fantastic addition to your home in many ways! 

Below, we look at several compelling benefits of installing a heat pump for your primary source for heating and cooling your home. 

They Cost Less To Run

When investing in a heat pump for your home, the initial installment cost may be significant. However, they are far cheaper to run than any system that uses combustion. 

The rule of thumb here is that the more energy efficient the system, the more significantly you will save on power usage in the long term. Heat pumps can cost up to around £45,000, but each year you could save significant energy costs ‒ helping you pay off your initial investment. It also impacts the overall value of your property so that if you ever choose to sell, you will get a good return on investment. 

Lower Carbon Footprint

By far one of the most compelling and significant benefits of installing a heat pump is that the carbon emission is just so much lower. If you are trying to go greener and are heading towards solar panelling or already have these installed, the heat pump will be a fantastic addition to helping you reach this goal while cutting back on annual consumption.

The system burns zero fossil fuels and runs purely on electricity. In the UK, a significant amount of power is generated from renewable resources, making this option a far better one than the traditional gas boiler. 

Much Easier To Maintain 

The heat pump demands far less maintenance than the alternative fossil fuel-reliant systems. We recommend checking on your pump annually to ensure it is still running as it should. This check does not require professional eyes and you can usually do it yourself. 

However, you should seek out an expert every three to five years to do a thorough check and mend any signs of wear and tear accumulated over the years. 

Much Safer To Have On-Premise 

Safety should always come first. Undeniably, heat pumps are by far the safer option than gas boilers and similar heating systems. Because they rely on electricity, you don’t have to worry about burning fuel, which comes with its own risks, to generate a sufficient amount of heating throughout the household. 

Allows For RHI Scheme

One of the most encouraging reasons to switch to this alternative heating solution is that the UK government offers two types of programs that assist with the installation of renewable energy systems. 

You could receive payment through the BUS grant. This scheme addresses landlords, homeowners, and self-builders to encourage a greener future. The other option is the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, which is aimed at the public sector, including organisations, businesses and industries. 

Moving forth toward a greener lifestyle is encouraged and made possible usually to reach climate change goals set in place. Moreover, you could cut back on major energy costs in the long term and feel safer in your home knowing that your heating system relies solely on electricity rather than burning fuel. 

At B.Wilson Plumbing and Heating, we can provide you with all the necessary information and guide you toward the best possible heating solution for your unique circumstances. We take care of the entire process from start to finish, so why not reach out? For more information or to begin with your heat pump installation, get in touch today. 



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