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B.Wilson Plumbing & Heating has been a trusted name in boiler and heating maintenance for generations, providing a complete range of plumbing and heating services, including Power flush in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, South Yorkshire, Cheshire and the surrounding areas.

Need A Power Flush?
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If you have noticed any of the following particular problems with your boiler, such as cold radiator spots, low boiler pressure, the boiler losing water, or unusual noises from the boiler itself, then a Power flush may be the best solution. We are here to provide unparalleled boiler Power flush services by first thoroughly inspecting it and professionally executing it safely and efficiently.

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Optimum Power Flush Solution

Comprehensive Power Flush

If you’re unaware of what Power flushing entails, here is a quick breakdown of this highly effective technique to get your heating system working like it’s brand new. Power flushing is a very efficient and effective boiler cleansing technique that works by pumping water and specialist chemicals through your heating system at a much faster rate than normal, releasing hazardous and corrosive deposits. Once released, unnecessary waste is removed from the system with clean water. At the end of the removal process, the system contains clean water, and the restoration of the system to normal operation only takes a few minutes.

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Our Friendly Power Flush Service

Our friendly and knowledgeable engineers are all Gas Safe certified and fully equipped to deliver powerful commercial and domestic Power flush services. They can seamlessly diagnose problems that have occurred in central heating systems due to the formation of sludge or limescale and can provide very useful advice regarding repairs and other installations that may be needed after or during the Power flush. Each of our engineers carries a range of replacement valves and components in case your heating system needs some further adjustment.

All of our engineers are trained in gas safety, maintain a consistent work ethic, are fully insured, and hold a myriad of elite gas engineer accreditations.

Power Flush Questions and Answers

A Power Flush cleans your central heating system including the boiler, cylinder, radiators and pipework. It helps to remove deposits of debris, sludge or rust, to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your heating system. There are signs to look out for which may mean you need a Power Flush:

  • Radiators have cold areas at the bottom
  • Boiler, radiators and/or heating system pump is making excessive noise
  • The water from bleeding your radiators is discoloured
  • Tap water is cloudy from limescale
  • Your boiler shuts down regularly and needs to be restarted often
  • Your radiators have small leaks

If you’re experiencing any of these problems or have any questions or concerns about your boiler and heating, then contact us and we can book in a visit.

A chemical flush is a basic cleanse which involves chemicals being flushed through your heating system using gravity to remove any residue. Clean water is then used to flush the system. 

A power flush is a deeper cleansing process involving the pumping of a chemical solution which removes any debris, sludge and rust. The chemical solution includes a specific combination of chemicals and descaling agent to prevent rust. A Power Flush will take longer as it a more involved and thorough process. 

It depends on the size of your property and condition of your heating system. The whole process could take several hours and up to a day. When you contact us we’ll answer all your questions and arrange a site visit to advise on the best options for your heating and property.

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